What customer information is at your fingertips?

What are the products you are offering that your customers are buying? From
the content of your data, can you tell what your customers are interested
in? What part of your data would be most relevant for determining potential
future products and services? What are you doing with that data? Can your
data tell you what is changing about your customers purchasing history?
What assumptions can you make about your customers? How do certain customer
segments use your services or products?

Take a long hard look at the information you have collected to date.
Understanding this data and what it tells you about your customers and their
purchasing practices is critical to business sustainability. If you have
gaps of information, think about what other types of information you can
collect that would be useful to your business. This information will be
critical to planning your future business strategies and tactics. You need
to keep learning about your customers, the market and what is selling.
Understanding what is selling and how it is selling is important to you and
your business.

But customer information isn't the only critical information you own. Data
related to product production and purchasing becomes key for your business
operations. How you use resources to bring products and services to market
matters to the bottom line. Understanding when you are paying too much for
something or wasting resources becomes critical to minimizing expenses and
maximizing profits. Therefore analyzing this data is just as important as
analyzing customer information.

So in the end, you need to ask yourself what customer and operational
information do you have at your fingertips? If you aren't able to get
valuable information about your customers or business operations from your
data, then you need to get someone to do it for you or outsource it but
don't just let that information sit there untapped and unused because it
could mean the difference between a successful business or no business.=


Social Networks and Medical Organizations

Great website that highlights how Hospitals are using Social Networks.  It’s interesting to see that from the 31 state, in patient hospitals listed with You Tube, Facebook and Twitter only 4 are in Miami.

Outsourcing Social Media Efforts may not work because people are interested in having authentic communications through social media not just a “please hold” script.


Explaining Healthcare Issues

I think that these podcasts really do a great job of explaining, in an entertaining way, the healthcare issues currently in the news.

TDT#81: Seeking Truth in Health Care Reform--Dr. Bill Mayer & Dr. Scott Gibson

This American Life – Episode 392: Someone Else's Money 10/16/2009 & 391: More Is Less 10/9/2009

MS Security Essentials working fine

Just as a follow up I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials and it has been working well on my laptop.  It isn’t obstructive and doesn’t do a lot of popping up which tends to annoy people.  It keeps itself updated with no interaction from me and does the full scans on a regular schedule very much like the patching service.  Overall since it’s free and good it will most likely kill the free malware applications out there on the web.

Backup Mistakes Happen

Microsoft lost data on a SAN move for the Sidekick device, Mac's Snow Leopard has a bug that will delete your user if you log on as guest. Lesson? Even the big boys make mistakes. Backup your stuff. Don't depend on someone having their act together.
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